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Homologation U.S.

“Mines” Passage Service

Progress of the approval procedure for your imported vehicle:

In order to be able to register an American car in France, your vehicle must be certified as “compliant”, which is why it is necessary to prepare an R.T.I “receipt on an isolated basis” application file. » with the D.R.E.A.L (formerly the “Mines” Service) in order to bring your car up to standard.


1- Contact us by telephone or email to tell us about your file.
Based on the information provided, we will send you a summary of the documents to provide us.

In any case you will need to send us:
– A copy of the foreign registration document in your possession
– A copy of the customs clearance certificate or tax clearance.
– A photo of the manufacturer’s plate and the extension plate (limousine).
– A photo of the car in 3/4 front and 3/4 rear.
– A photo of the polluting emissions label located under the hood (for vehicles older than 2006)
– Payment by check of 50% of the approval fees.

2- After having received the elements mentioned above, we put together your file in order to transmit them to the D.R.E.A.L and the U.T.A.C testing laboratory.
The creation of the file includes the regulatory tests required by UTAC in Montlhéry. Their tolerance is very thin and the limit between an accepted vehicle and one refused is very low. It is therefore important to present us with a vehicle in good condition and to follow our professional advice.

3- Vehicle deposit:
The deposit of your vehicle is done two to three weeks before the UTAC tests and the presentation to the DREAL in Paris, in our high security car parks in order to proceed with the Frenchification of the vehicle (technical and electrical modifications).
The vehicle must be clean, have no damaged windows or mirrors, have no perforating corrosion, have no fault lights on the dashboard and have a full tank of fuel.

4- Finalization of the procedure:
Your file has just been validated by the DREAL and has been sent to the service which is responsible for making the necessary exemptions. The deadline for returning the Individual Title Receipt report (the document which allows you to register your car) is two to three weeks. You have 1 week to collect your vehicle from our premises and pay for your service.

Foreign plate package (US or EU)

These packages do not include possible re-presentations due to an unreported technical fault on the limousine, as well as registration fees at the prefecture.

  • Sedan: €4,000 including tax
  • Limousine: €4,500 including tax
  • 4×4 Limousine: €5,000 including tax
  • Pick up type Dodge Ram 1500 (except TRX) ou Ford F150 : €3,500 incl. VAT (except Raptor)
  • Hummer H2: €4,000 incl. VAT

For other specific models, please contact us.